What if a player's slot busts mid- or post- draft? Why have the draft
results on ALL? This could generate player friction and even ridicule
viz "haha you were drafted last!" etc.. Clue games were starting 30-40
minutes late until the past month or so now they start pretty much on
time, this could push back the start time.


On 9/6/07, cflrich at cfl.rr.com <cflrich at cfl.rr.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Some years ago, we were holding minidrafts at the beginning of clue games, to balance them.  We did it manually and, at the time, I had begun work on some code to add infrastructure for the process.
> I've lost that work, but minidrafts were mentioned the other night, and I've decided to pick it up again and see if I can't get it implemented.
> Here's the general idea-- I'd be interested if anyone has suggestions or comments on the method proposed.
> The general idea is that both captains agree to have a minidraft.  Then they draft from the pool of player slots.  I would like to have a play-by-play of the draft to the ALL board, so the players can follow along, although this will probably be a point of contention with some.   Once complete, the players are (automatically) traded to the appropriate team.  I hope to make use of the trade code that Karth has put in recently to do this.  After that, game starts normally.
> The following commands would be Implemented:
> MINIDRAFT -- both captains must request a minidraft for one to commence
> DRAFT x -- a captain drafts a player
> UNDRAFTED -- list undrafted slots
> HOMETEAM -- list currently drafted home team
> AWAYTEAM -- list currently drafted away team
> Some problems I see:
> -- I'm not crazy about the HOMETEAM/AWAYTEAM command names
> -- What to do if slots quit during the draft?  Personally, I think this needs to be left to the captains to sort out, even if it means restarting the draft.  It's very complicated to handle even the basic cases programmatically, and a major clue shift in the slot will most likely require a re-draft anyhow.
> Any comments?
> Rich
> (dotman)
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