I've got the code written for the vote to minidraft procedure, lifted mostly from do_start().  Which brings up a practical question-- where can I put code that I've modified?

When I get off work here I'm going to get moving on some of the todos in draft.c, looks nice!  I had a different arrangement for the players in my head during the draft, I'm wondering if the current layout would make it more difficult to grab the right player.

In the trivialities column, I thought it would be neat if, when a player is drafted, a little ring (of plasmas? reminiscent of conquer.c) circled around them, indicating the selection, then the player spun off over towards their location on their new team (not sure how to do this just yet, maybe set them at w 20 to the new location and spin their heading around, counting on the momentum to carry them to the correct location).

Gonna take a look at some of that in a few hours.  If you keep this pace, James, there's going to be no coding left! :-)

---- James Cameron <quozl at> wrote: 
> And another couple of patches, totally untested ...
>   * replace p_inlcaptain with p_inl_captain
>   * inl draft, animation and pick logic (ntserv/draft.c)
> Not in mail, but in repository.
> This completes the basic animation outline, and the picking of players
> from the pool by the captains, what remains is the INL vote to start it
> all off, the check for empty pool to terminate, and play testing.  It is
> bound to be rough around the edges.  More when I get a chance.
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