Moin, re-ordered quotes by relevance, so you can quit early.

=- Niclas Fredriksson wrote on Sun 26.Aug'07 at 20:14:47 +0200 -=

> {...}
> This is the last time I will give you hints on this.

Thank you for your patience and goodwill despite the suffering you
had to endure.

> I don't see you doing anything but making a lot of people read and
> type a lot on this mailing list.

If you see no good in reading and typing a lot on this list, ignore
threads with my posts. I can't promise to stay within some
XYZ-lines/ response limit.
I'd have welcomed more comments from a wider range of people, not
always the same few, so it would have been less/person and overall
more participation.
 See also response to Jeffrey (as last episode).

"Formal" issues:

> {...}
> You should focus on staying to the key issue of the post and not
> write excessive information like the one above.

"excessive" is relative.

Please forgive me that my clarification for you on the "train of
thought" exceeds 2 lines: take it as an example case for all when the
initially simple statement full of implicit background info doesn't
suffice because it isn't obvious to everyone, so it goes back and
 POV isn't the same for all; the obvious isn't always obvious to all.
 If everyone shared all info, nobody would ever have to clarify
 But we aren't there yet, or are all but me?

> {...}
> Your problem is you seem to feel like you have to comment on
> exactly everything someone writes in a post, so your posts will
> grow exponentially as the thread gets bigger.

I don't comment on everything... only what's gone wrong on the other
side or is unclear to me, and only with stuff that I started,
because I care for it and clean up behind me when I mess up.
 Unfortunately in this case a lot has gone wrong. And trying to fix
it made it worse, because then some begin to complain about the
volume or style, and when responding to that, even that is
complained about per previous quote and this one. I can't suit
all at once: those needing more detail and those wanting no more.
 Who to sacrifice? :(

"Subject" issues:

> >> There has never been and probably will never be a need for the
> >> netrek community to be as defined as the leadership of a
> >> country.
> > 
> > So I should safely ignore any and all "borg" complaints? If I'm
> > not mistaken, even you once in a while used that word.
> I don't follow your train of thought here.

Complaints about "borg" have been rising once in a while in the
past and in particular recently when ideas about how to make netrek
more attractive to newbies by changing gameplay or client features.
 Are those complaints irrelevant and we should simply change things?
If not, such a "leadership" would be required then.
Otherwise if it's up to "the crowd", there will again be pulling in
all directions or by too few individuals, eventually getting nowhere.

Compare it to football: nearly 2 dozen rough guys going at each
other, but all of them paying attention not to break the rules to
avoid penalties. Referees would keep both changers and keepers clear
which way to go, despite their opposite desires to cross limits.

> Anyone in the netrek community can answer your questions about
> borgs. However some might argue that only the key holder's or
> server gods' opinions actually hold any weight though.

But that's exactly the problem: those who could provide authorative
answers don't want to, and those who do aren't authorative (i.e.
sitting on the buttons to approve/ deny changes).
How to deal with that dilemma?

> > How would you know that somebody has dropped out or changed mind
> > when there is little overall activity and publicity left?
> There is no need to know exactly who's been doing any active work
> in, say, the past month in the netrek council. It's not a paid job
> and these people will do what they can when they can.

Maybe we use different meanings for "work" here.
Having an opinion about whether a "_the_ netrek game" exists or what
it is doesn't mean work to me. The opinion alone doesn't require to
spend much own time on it, only to make decisions in favour of or
against it, and then possibly have others do the real work behind it.
 Changing mind then is easy and can easily go unnoticed.

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