On Sat, Sep 08, 2007 at 09:51:46PM -0700, Rich Hansen wrote:
> I'm beginning to feel like we're going to need some kind of minidraft
> struct, to hold players and selectors and such, if we want to
> accomplish either of the following:
> -- Selector who isn't INL captain


> -- Arrange player pools or picks other than by player number

Pick order.  int p_inl_pick_sequence in player struct, which is set from
a pick counter held in static storage in the draft.c module.

> But I'm hesitant to add new structures to the code yet (not familiar 
> enough with it). 

I'll add the above.

> PS Is this nitty-gritty technical type stuff inappropriate for the list 
> at large?

Yes.  There is another mailing list for discussions about Netrek in
general.  This list we are using now is for development of Netrek,
including source changes, infrastructure changes, and perceptions of
policy creation.

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