The INL draft mode is now operational, as far as the server side of
things is concerned.  Rich, could you merge my changes with your code,
and tell me which of the following you're happy to handle ...

1.  the INL robot vote to start a draft,

2.  the alternate tactical layout you've started on,

3.  use of normal ship navigation rather than my "transwarping".

They are the things I've stayed out of because you had started them.


For those interested, the sequence goes like this:

a.  captains enter a command to start a draft, both must agree,

b.  ships are transwarped to the galaxy centre, positioned in a line
which we call the "pool",

c.  while moving, ships cannot change direction or speed, but they can
fire weaponry and raise shields, but the weaponry is harmless,

d.  while stationary, ships can change direction, but not speed, and can
raise or lower shields, and use harmless weaponry ... so that body
language may continue,

e.  the two captains are transwarped out of the pool and stand side by

f.  the captains alternate in using "lock" or "tractor" to pick players
from the pool, the ships change to the captains team, and move next to
the captain in an area called the "pick",

g.  a captain can pass on his round using a "lock" on the other captain,

h.  a captain can choose a selector from his already picked ships, the
selector moves into a new position, and is allowed to make picks in the
same way the captain may ... any number of selectors can be chosen, and
both the captain and the selector may make each pick,

i.  the draft is finished when the pool is empty, and the ordinary
pre-game resumes ... with the ships in their pick positions.

The time investment in a draft is trivial.  Two captains in a hurry can
easily complete each pick in a second or so.  It's not a problem, Zach.

One of the future improvements is the One True Port philosophy, so
that only one port number is needed to join a clue game, and the same
port can be used for observing or playing.  The draft would then allow
the captain to choose which players he wants to observe.  Test code is
now in setship to change a slot from observer to player and back.  Seems
to work alright.

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