On Wed, Sep 12, 2007 at 04:32:45PM -0400, cflrich at cfl.rr.com wrote:
> a) I don't understand p_dir, and I'm not incrementing it enough to
> escape the nint function (although + 1 seems to be enough, is it
> rounded somewhere else to the nearest five or whatever?)

I tried 10 as well, no luck.

> b) the point-the-ship-at-the-destination code doesn't work either, it
> just appears to, because some other code is actually updating ship
> direction, and happens to be  correctly pointing the ship as well.

Disabling this code leaves the ships to point as they choose as they
are transwarped.

> I'm going to have to go through a few runs tonight, sounds like fun :P

You need to do so to find the bugs.  ;-)

> > I've not yet finished thinking about how to handle observers in the same
> > draft sequence.
> I've been thinking about this as well.  Is it possible to generate
> robot ships, assign them an observers number, and stick them in the
> pool?  Then we assign player slots (using setship) according to
> pick_sequence, randomly, or whatever scheme we devise.

Erm, not what I meant.  I mean how the captains choose who will be an
observer or not.  Currently the only actions the captains can take are:

1.  pass on the pick to the other captain,

2.  pick from the pool,

3.  delegate the selection duty to any number of their existing picks.

The captain will have to be able to mark a pool player as a reserve
player, who will be an observer during the game, yet become a player if
a slot leaves.

Also, once there are more pool players than can fit in an 8x8 game, the
captains will need a way to say "that's it, the rest have to be
independent non-speaking spectators".

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