More suggestions/issues:

Move everyone back home after the draft. Otherwise people will kill- 
scum each other since everyone's clumped together in the middle,  
which is be a bad thing if some players are idling before the game.  
This is bad since they'll go to MOTD and possibly get kicked out of  
the game.

Right now when it's your pick, you can tractor a ship you've picked  
and it moves next to you. You don't lose your pick, and you can  
tractor it again to move it back into the regular picked area. What's  
the purpose of this?

Perhaps make all undrafted ships neutral? This might give a better  
indication of the state of the draft. (Though people might be  
confused by the independent bitmaps!)

If it's your pick and you're already up by 1 or more ships, the pick  
should automatically pass back to the other captain. This fixes  
potential numerical imbalance when pass is used. This could be a  
problem if players quit and rejoin during the process, though. So  
maybe not. A better fix is just to disable pass after the first ship  
is picked, because there's really no reason to ever pass except to  
give the other captain the first pick. (Other than the case of two  
captains not wanting the last player, and deadlocking by passing it  
back and forth. Which is another reason to disable pass.)

 From an earlier private email to Rich:

"Pog and I were talking about showing rank for pick order. There are  
9 ranks, so Ensign can get used as a placeholder for players not  
drafted yet, and for players who join during the game who weren't  
part of the draft process. You'd have to disable the promotion  
mechanism. It'd be nice to show a "xxx promoted to y" when a player  
is drafted and gets their new rank.

Captains == Admiral (promoted when the draft request is approved)
Picks 1 and 2 == Rear Admiral
Picks 3 and 4 == Commodore

This would be a cool feature, especially for less experienced  
players, as rank tells you when a player was picked, so you have some  
idea of what to expect from that player."