Just a quick note on one of the items:
---- Karthik Arumugham <karthik at karthik.com> wrote: 
> More suggestions/issues:
> Right now when it's your pick, you can tractor a ship you've picked  
> and it moves next to you. You don't lose your pick, and you can  
> tractor it again to move it back into the regular picked area. What's  
> the purpose of this?

This allows a player the captain has picked to make selections for him.  The idea is if the team captain, for whatever reason, is say an organizer, as opposed to a clue who knows everyone's relative strengths, the captain can first draft a clued player, and then select that player to make the remaining picks for the team, in his place.

It's much less complicated than I worded it there :-)  We'll see if it gets much use.