"Carlos Y. Villalpando" <carlos at jpl.nasa.gov> writes:
> On top of that, Netrek is rather dense screen.  I figured one needs at
> least a 900-1000 pixel high screen with small fonts to be useful, and
> for that you'll need progressive scan for those small fonts.  Although
> HD TVs are becoming more and prevalent, you couldn't play this on a
> regular TV, or even a 720p flatpanel.

What if objects got smaller towards the edges of the screen?
(taken to an extreme, has anyone ever tried combining the whole 
galaxy into one window with teeny planets at the edges? It'd be like playing in a fish-eye
lens... planets in mirror are closer than they appear...)

Someone playing on a small tac would be at a disadvantage,
unless they were playing against mainly other players who 
had a small tac. 

Voice is best, but maybe there could be a few canned messages,
only to team; carry report (or game could automatically send 
beam-up messages for teammates?), distress, generic ogg call
(which could be displayed differently depending on target;
"ogg the base!"/"defend planet"/"kill ship").