Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> On Sat, 5 Apr 2008, James Cameron wrote:
>> I also think that 8 players on a single audio link is not at all 
>> impractical, given the expected conversation latency.  I'm regularly on 
>> conference calls with that number of people, and we all learn rapidly to 
>> do random back-off, just like in real life.
> I'm also regularly on conference calls with a lot of people but there is 
> no similarity to that type of communication and netrek communication. When 
> you are on a conference call, there is only one (or possibly a few) things 
> happening at the same time. You decide that you will first talk about item 
> 1 on the agenda, then move on to item 2, etc. In netrek there are a lot of 
> plays happening all over, and every player has their own view on what the 
> team needs to know or do *right* *now*. This is especially true on pickup 
> where a lot of newbie players are playing that haven't yet quite grasped 
> how to prioritize correctly in netrek.
> Having a communication channel consisting of eight random pickup players 
> would be total chaos. It might be fun, but it would hinder the team's 
> performance, rather than boosting it.

It is a team sport, though, and having separate plays isolated from each 
other is a bit anti-team.

I think default to on - with the ability to squelch out people who are 
too noisy for the value they provide, is just fine.


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