Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> A voice channel would pretty much only be good for chatting. If one or more voice channels 
> are added to the game and newbie players like you think this is a new way 
> to communicate in-game specific things to your team mates (instead of 
> using RCD's) then that would be bad for the game.
I think the argument that voice communication is inferior for Netrek, 
when it is superior for every other game in existence, is specious.  The 
fact that Netrek has macros does not make it sufficiently different.  
Besides, you're ignoring the fact that macros are limited in what 
information they can transfer to the team.  The argument that macros 
contain all the info you'd ever need to send shows how reliant current 
play is on the macros that exist.  I can think of a dozen situations 
where play would be improved through voice communication.

Netrek communication is far from perfect.