We have macros for distress, carrying ,etc, and these work great, and 
most players become reasonably proficient at reading them in a timely 
matter.   The kinds of things I'm thinking of below are things we don't 
have macros for, or things that no one uses the macros for-- specific 
things that voice would be best for.

My 'for instances' would be:

-- You're dfing at the front and F4 refuses to really get in there and 
fight close.  You could tell him after you die, sure, but he'll probably 
forget in 10 minutes.  If you keep calling him out over voice, however, 
he's much more likely to remember, and get in there and fight.  It may 
save you.  You can elaborate on specifically what he's doing wrong, and 
get him to do it more correctly.

-- You're carrying to a planet and your escort is moving to the wrong 
side.  You tell him over voice to move to the correct side of the 
planet.  I can think of a few variations of this, especially when you're 
dfing to get there, and you can't break away to type something to them.

-- Ogging, calling the decloak exactly.

-- When some random swedish player grabs a dd and tries to sneak to URS, 
and gets dooshed, you can make fun of them in more detail :-)

Ok, the last one was just for fun.  I could come up with more, but I 
think it illustrates my point.  Pretty much everything we don't have a 
macro for, anything that would involve a whole bunch of typing, is 
better done through voice.  Obviously clued players already do a lot of 
things correctly... but a lot of players, especially players playing 
today, aren't clued.

I suppose the discussion is irrelevant at this point, however, since you 
do support voice for chatting and such.  We ought to just implement it 
and see how people end up using it.  It's not like we're going to be 
able to tell them, "No game related info on voice," anyhow.


Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Apr 2008, Rich Hansen wrote:
>> Besides, you're ignoring the fact that macros are limited in what
>> information they can transfer to the team.
> Give examples that matter in game situations.
>> I can think of a dozen situations where play would be improved through 
>> voice communication.
> Give examples that matter in game situations.
>> Netrek communication is far from perfect.
> How so?