Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Apr 2008, Mark Mielke wrote:
>> Somehow my thousands of hours of experience means absolutely nothing. 
>> I'm neither surprised nor too hurt. It's exactly how people such as you 
>> have acted for over a decade, and its exactly why I stopped enjoying 
>> Netrek. Have fun Neil Armstrong.
> You've previously stated that you have 0 hours of experience with playing 
> netrek clue games with voice.

The opposite is true. I stated that I have played Netrek in the same 
room with people, and enjoyed it. We still used emergency distress, but 
we would ALSO shout out "guys! where the f are you?" As to whether clue 
games at the company I played at the time compare to the clue of games 
on the Internet at the time? I didn't have access to port 2592 on the 
Internet at that time, but from the NNTP newsgroup and screen shots, I 
would say that we had very good players (I was never the best - of the 
hundreds of people who played at our company, I was probably 3rd or 4th 
at the top of my game), but clue games on the Internet sounded 
impressive, and I was always disappointed that I was unable to 
participate. (This is around 1992-1993, when the Internet was mostly 
used by Universities and the government)

By the time the Internet became widely available, I had already reduced 
my playing hours significantly as the company I worked for blocked out 
playing during working hours (apparently employees were playing all day 
instead of working? :-) ), and I grew other responsibilities including 
school, a job, and a girl friend. Around 1994-1995 I played occasionally 
on the Internet, but if my memory is correct, there was no Windows 
client at the time, and playing over X with a 33.6kb/s modem was 
extremely painful. I was only able to do well because I was fairly good 
at the time, but once the lag hit 1.0+ second latency, and my ship would 
go from warp 9 into an area to the next update with my ship exploding, I 
gave up. 1996 or so is when I started my yearly interest where I would 
play a few days and then take a year break. In the last 5 years, it has 
been about 1 day a year. I completely suck right now. My "clue", though, 
is that I recognize and know exactly how much I suck. I know I'm not 
moving fast enough, or torping fast enough. I know I'm not holding onto 
the phaser lock. I know I'm not detting others to protect my team mates, 
and I know I'm on the wrong side of the planet than I should be for 
conflicts. My knowledge is still good - my intuition and reflex is gone.

So there you have it - that's my Netrek playing history. You can feel 
free to mock me for being a twink again... :-)


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