We have a community perception issue.

We've been slashdotted, and I note the following comment from a

"So, just to see if anyone's still playing Netrek today, I immediately
followed the link in the FA, went to netrek.org, and downloaded what
their webpage had as the latest Linux client. Attempting to run it, I
got "sorry, but this client has expired; you need to download a current
one from ftp.netrek.org." I guess that's a clue as to the vitality of
the community . . . ."

I'd like the following to happen:

1.  remove the expired client from the web site,

2.  in future script the web site to not provide an expired client if
the date is nearing or exceeding the expiry date,

3.  no longer set expiry dates in clients,

4.  release a client without an expiry date for Linux.



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