Sorry I didn't check mail yesterday, guys.
(Dave and Joe, remember ya can always phone me if we get slashdotted!)

Thanks to Joe for handling the site updates!

Paradise 2000 has been taken off of the sidebar and basic clients
download page, remains on the full clients page for archival
purposes. It is still useable with authentication turned off.

> 2.  in future script the web site to not provide an expired client if
> the date is nearing or exceeding the expiry date,
> 3.  no longer set expiry dates in clients,

I think 3 would take care of 2. I think P2K was the only client
set to expire, so I think 3 is largely addressed. 

> 4.  release a client without an expiry date for Linux.

I've been asking for this for a while...
as Zach noted, the Paradise 2.99 dynamic build for Linux still plays;
I hadn't know that, or I would have had it listed more prominently.