> Haha - that's a huge part of Netrek history that you are speaking  
> about
> influencing! :-)
> mark
> P.S. I somewhat fondly remembers the days when I was 13 or so, and I
> would visit my father's work to play Netrek on his Sun 4. It was a
> work-only Netrek server, and outsiders did not have firewall access  
> in.
> It was busy non-stop throughout the day for at least a year before  
> they
> finally restricted hours to 12pm-1pm and 4pm->8am. It was then VERY  
> busy
> at those times, with a wait queue of 20+. Hahaha....

I remember the sysadmins bursting in my office when the backbone  
started to
crumble under 40% load caused by my harmless series of clients that  
were running.

I managed to convince them it was a load test that went out of  
control, i even came
up with explanation of the word netrek in relation to network,  
tracking and something else :-)
those were the days!