=- James Cameron wrote on Thu 21.Feb'08 at  9:27:08 +1100 -=

> > I couldn't verify since I gave up after 1h and next day it was
> > gone: was "sun36" removed from the other metaserver
> > automatically?
> I don't know, however the metaserver that Carlos runs was
> restarted on 19th February. Did you check Karthik's metaserver
> too?

I checked all 3.
Next day (before 24h limit) it was removed from yours and Karthik's,
while it was on Carlos' for more than 1-2 days. That's why I assumed
Carlos' had no auto-clean feature and the other 2 removed it
manually. So I still don't know whether or when all metaservers
remove unreachable servers automatically.

Apropos, the policy, which I quoted last time not to show
servers which are empty for 6h, why is this good?
When a server is not shown, how could it ever change its status when
nobody knows how to get there to fill it up?
When is "last_udapte" updated?
Can "age" ever become > 6h purposefully (unlike dead solicitation
servers as in my broken case [soon to be fixed])?

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