The help bomb RCD is phrased such that if the target planet it is called
on has less than or equal to four armies, only the word "bomb" appears.

It seems to me that the planet name should also appear, thus the macro
would change from:

	" %T%c->%O %?%n>4%{bomb %l @ %n%!bomb%}\0"


	" %T%c->%O %?%n>4%{bomb %l @ %n%!bomb %l%}\0"

Affects: Netrek XP 2006, netrek-client-cow, netrek-server-vanilla (INL
message log and lib/tools/watchmes decode RCDs)

Source: struct dmacro_list distmacro in data.c, fourth element.

Does anyone have any reason why it is thje way it is?

James Cameron    mailto:quozl at