=- James Cameron wrote on Sat  5.Jul'08 at 17:26:49 +1000 -=

> The help bomb RCD is phrased such that if the target planet it is
> called on has less than or equal to four armies, only the word
> "bomb" appears.

Bombing <4 makes no sense in Bronco, so if you mistakingly hit the
wrong planet, it falls back to the generic "bomb" (anything,
generally more).

> It seems to me that the planet name should also appear, thus the
> macro would change from:
> 	" %T%c->%O %?%n>4%{bomb %l @ %n%!bomb%}\0"
> to:
> 	" %T%c->%O %?%n>4%{bomb %l @ %n%!bomb %l%}\0"

bomb %l%n>4%{ @ %n%}

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