=- James Cameron wrote on Sat  5.Jul'08 at 23:25:52 +1000 -=

> A contested agri, it is at four, it is due to pop, we still want
> to call a bomb on it, so that someone has the job, and we get
> "bomb " as the message, with no planet name in the message.
> Or a planet recently taken, not yet scanned, calling a bomb on
> them also yields "bomb ".
> Even simpler, initial bombing run, planets that are not yet
> scanned, calling a bomb on them yields "bomb " as well.
> See my point?

Yes, I've covered those cases with macros, actually 1 very complex
with conditionals.
When you're already at fixing defaults, you might reconsider being
more verbose in those mentioned situations.
Since RCD are RCD, clue can redefine to have simplistic output.
"bomb Ear @ 4" is confusing when you learned that you can't bomb
below 5.

a) watch %t @ %n pop to bomb
b) scan %t
c) not sure whether this needs to be covered specially since it's
obvious: bomb all you can get. But, of course, even that
wouldn't hurt to be propagated more explicitely.

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