Quoting James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org>:

> Does anybody seriously need this any more? 

Whenever I get the gumption to play, I use it to check to see if there
is someone worth playing with.

> It is causing support issues, from someone who still uses it.

What is the issue?  There seems to be a duplication between
{home,away}.clue.netrek.org, but that's because it's the same server
reporting as two separate servers.  Oh, and the fact that it doesn't
have the same dead server hiding logic applied to it.

> It also reveals IP addresses of some players without having to pass the
> login within a client. 

That was the whole point of 3522, no?

> It reveals the entire player list of a server despite any server
> bans on the person running the query.

Why is that a problem?

--Carlos V.