netrek-client-cow 3.2.4 was released, containing several fixes for
delayed keyboard and mouse response on modern Linux systems, mature full
screen support, and some immature INL clue game state support using the
new SP_GENERIC_32 version 'b' packet.
82da7fb629930b9396e9a71a9e215c63  netrek-client-cow-3.2.4.tar.gz

Summary of user changes:

	- play, fixed inability to fire a stream of eight torps when in
	TCP mode, which was caused by a combination of packet amalgamation
	due to the TCP/IP Nagle algorithm, and the server's decision to
	prevent more than one torp from being fired per update.

	- play, fixed a delay in responding to keyboard and mouse events
	... which was caused by a regression on Debian GNU/Linux Lenny
	where the latest Xlib and XCB more closely adhered to the manual
	pages for the X event queue functions.

	- clue play, add SP_GENERIC_32 version 'b' support, client now
	requests the packets from the server, and will display
	mid-galactic messages relating to INL mode games, including
	pregame, pause, and time left in game.

	- messaging, fixed bombing RCD to show planet name even when
	target planet is not scanned,

	- metaserver list window, changed default metaserver mode to UDP,
	avoid displaying metaserver list until at least one reply is
	received, default the list size to about 6 entries, and add
	keyboard keys for refresh and quit,

	- graphics, menu styles adjusted to remove thick white lines,

	- networking, banned during login or loss of connection during
	play, added messages corresponding to the reason code in the

	- networking, removed the reconnect after connection loss feature,
	since (a) the server side has removed it, and (b) most connection
	losses these days are not recoverable in this way.

	- graphics, finished full screen and camera support, fixed failure
	to restore original resolution in many cases, added a warning
	window message to acknowledge resolution change key ("),
	- login, fixed delay in and lack of "Seconds to go" on login
	screen caused by redraw, fixed delayed handling of keyboard events
	during login screen, removed login screen warning "Keep your mouse
	in this window to type" since the code now accepts keystrokes no
	matter what window they appear to be typed into,

	- usage, changed most stdout messages to be stderr, and lowercase,
	and changed from the term "ghostbusted" to "disconnected" or
	"server connection lost", to ease comprehension,

Summary of technical changes:

	- internal, fixed many compilation warnings, removed many
	redundant CVS revision logs from file headers, still more to go.

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