Bill Balcerski wrote:
> >From playing on 50 FPS, it does feel like you can shoot torps faster
> via the "hold down torp key and move mouse" technique, but for the
> traditional 1 click/keypress per torp method it's really quite hard to
> notice due to limitation on my human reflexes.  Server already limits
> to 1 torp request per server update (guess this was anti-borg code?).
> I don't mind changing the server to limit it to 10 torps/second, as
> long as it isn't going to make players feel they are "losing" torp
> request packets because the server is ignoring them because they can
> click too fast.
> It would also be nice if pickled was at more than 10 updates/second.

Maybe round up to 11+ per second - that way there can be no complaint 
compared to previous behaviour, and I really doubt a person can honestly 
hit the same key 11+ times per second. :-) So, for 50 FPS, maybe only 
allow torps every change to update >> 2 which would alow for 12.5 torps 
per second?


Mark Mielke <mark at>