For completeness ... here is what the pygame client has had added ... a
set of short explanations for each SP_BADVERSION why value, and then a
more detailed diagnosis message for users.

        s = ['Protocol version in CP_SOCKET is not supported by server.',
             'Access denied by server.',
             'No free slots on server queue.',
             'Banned from server.',
             'Game shutdown by server.',
             'Server daemon stalled, internal error.',
             'Server reports internal error.']

        l = [['You have either connected to a server that does not support',
              'this client, or the server itself is insane.',
              'Try a different server,',
              'or report this to the server owner,',
              'or report this to the client developer.'],
             ['The server has your IP address, or a range of addresses, in a',
              'configuration file, due to a prior denial of service attack.',
              'Try a different server,',
              'or try a different service provider,',
              'or ask the server owner about it.'],
             ['The server was not able to place you in the queue, perhaps',
              'due to a denial of service attack happening right now.',
              'Or if you were in a clue game, the captain has freed your slot',
              'so that another play can join.',
              'Or in a pickup game the players ejected you.',
              'Try a different server,',
              'or rejoin as an observer on the clue game.'],
             ['The server has your IP address in the list of bans,',
              'usually because you were banned by the players or the owner.',
              'Try a different server,',
              'and if you were misbehaving try not to in future.'],
             ['The server was shutdown by the owner,',
              'probably only temporarily.',
              'Try a different server,',
              'or try this server later,',
              'or ask the server owner about it.']]

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