=- James Cameron wrote on Tue  2.Sep'08 at 21:15:39 +1000 -=

> > Just for curiosity {...} Would you quit Bronco and turn to
> > whatever non-Bronco would be the #1?
> I would, yes. Others might not, but we can do without them.
> {...} If it's the only Netrek in town, I'll play it.

Hmm, sure?
*waiting for their opinions*

I guess you're still an exception (currently, which doesn't mean
that in times of desparation others wouldn't change their mind,

> Yes, that's what we have ... a moderate stream of new players who
> try three servers, and very few of them stay.

What are the reasons that this the case?
And by which numbers per reason?
I.e. how can we know what the most damaging reason is to take care
of it?
And what the most promising solution is?

> {...} but until we have 95% of play happening on warped or
> paradise I don't feel like learning the new rules there.

Fair enough, though this doesn't mean newbies will like the current
leader by mass just because it has the most players and stick to it
just for the same reason.
 It still has to mean _more_ fun for its own sake than direct
rivals, be they in the Netrek family or outside. When newbies chose
given alternatives, then it just isn't the preferred taste of game
of modern newbies.

Closing the alternatives in the family down, ... see previous

> > > 2.  add a way to accept new servers,
> > 
> > Depends on the way.
> What process would you prefer?

No idea, haven't thought about it before, you made the suggestion,
so I assumed you had already something on your mind.

> Is it really that important to your acceptance of the idea?

I can imagine bad solutions. Like leaving it all up to John's whim
alone. :)

> > > 3. keep the server to metaserver UDP solicitation channel open
> > > for existing servers.
> > 
> > Not without fixing metas code.
> No, it isn't that difficult. The policy code has it built in, just
> not enabled. It's a policy issue, not a coding issue. Even if it
> was a coding issue, that doesn't relate to the primary idea I've
> asked for comment on.

Bad implementions of policy enforcement can cause harm, too.
	(see our last run in, there have been back then, I'm not
	aware they've been patched in the meantime)
But you're right, policy decisions first.
I'm glad we can agree once in a while.

So, assuming policy could be enforced and a "functional but fair"
policy installed, I'd prefer it to stay open.
("fair" ... whatever this means)

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