I was discussing a new possible combination of instant messaging integration thru inclusion of a Jabber server running and integrated with the Netrek Server on the IRC channel, but based on how the dialog was going I don't think any one really understood what I was saying. The core idea is to include a broadcast feature that sends dialog messages via XMPP (aka Jabber protocol) to a Jabber server, Openfire*, in particular this does not "replace" the current server to client messaging system in any way, but instead *adds* a new way to send and receive netrek communications. The reasons why I would do this include:

1. Real time web chat conversation broadcasts
2. Use of instant messaging clients for communications
3. VoIP integration support

As time permits I would like to work on an experimental server that includes this function, as well as web game broadcasts, elimination for fork calls, instant replays, and improving web based clients with 3d.


* Openfire is an open source Jabber server developed by jive Software. Information is posted on

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