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> Folks,
> I was discussing a new possible combination of instant messaging
> integration thru inclusion of a Jabber server running and integrated
> with the Netrek Server on the IRC channel, but based on how the dialog
> was going I don't think any one really understood what I was saying. The
> core idea is to include a broadcast feature that sends dialog messages via
> XMPP (aka Jabber protocol) to a Jabber server, Openfire*, in particular
> this does not "replace" the current server to client messaging system
> in any way, but instead *adds* a new way to send and receive netrek
> communications. The reasons why I would do this include:
> 1. Real time web chat conversation broadcasts
> 2. Use of instant messaging clients for communications

	Don't we want people to read in the game and not be forced to
	flip back and forth between other windows, loosing the flow of
	the game while doing so?
> 3. VoIP integration support

	People fully understood what you were saying.  People also
	pointed out various flaws in your reasoning for Jabber.

	* It was pointed out the no clients other than Google Talk
	  support VoIP; and that even Google Talk does not use XMPP
	  for voice, but rather only uses it for path negotiation
	  for a Peer to Peer session.
	* It was pointed out that Mumble was determined to be a better
	* It was also pointed out by various people that voice-chat
	  would be a good addition; but that using Jabber would be
	* You had stated that " provides an asterisk
	  plugin".  Err, *what*?  Asterisk is /definitely/ over-kill.

> As time permits I would like to work on an experimental server that
> includes this function, as well as web game broadcasts, elimination for
> fork calls, instant replays, and improving web based clients with 3d.

	Have at it.  although it has been pointed out that your elimination
	of fork() calls is pointless.  Your assertion that fork() adds
	a large overhead in game entry has been proved false by both
	James and myself.  But knock yourself out.

> * Openfire is an open source Jabber server developed by jive
> Software. Information is posted on

	Java; when the rest of the server base is written in C, 
	with a few small shell and perl scripts throw in; Jabber's
	footprint is ridiculously large, more so by the fact that it
	requires SQL support, either with it's embedded database
	or one of the support externals (mysql, oracle, ms-sql, 
	postgres, etc).

	Seriously, don't you think this over-kill for the basic 
	functionality that is desired, namely in-game voice

	Jabber might be a nice package and I'm not really
	knocking it, but the feature set it offers are unlikely
	to be of much use in Netrek.

	My opinion?  Work on something that's actually beneficial
	to the community, like Mumble; or a training server; or


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