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> From: "John R. Dennison" <jrd at gerdesas.com>
> Subject: Re: [netrek-dev] Netrek Server Instant Messaging Support
> Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 13:37:10 -0500
> > 1. Real time web chat conversation broadcasts
> > 2. Use of instant messaging clients for communications
> 	Don't we want people to read in the game and not be forced to
> 	flip back and forth between other windows, loosing the flow of
> 	the game while doing so?

I thought what I typed was clear, but it is apparent you do not fully understand.

> > 3. VoIP integration support
> 	People fully understood what you were saying.  People also
> 	pointed out various flaws in your reasoning for Jabber.
> 	* It was pointed out the no clients other than Google Talk
> 	  support VoIP; and that even Google Talk does not use XMPP
> 	  for voice, but rather only uses it for path negotiation
> 	  for a Peer to Peer session.

This is false. Miranda supports VoIP via SIP plugin. Jerub was probably referring to Voice calls to other Google Talk users http://www.google.com/talk/otherclients.html

> 	* It was pointed out that Mumble was determined to be a better
> 	  fit.

Go ahead and fit it in.

> 	* It was also pointed out by various people that voice-chat
> 	  would be a good addition; but that using Jabber would be
> 	  impractical.

How would it be impractical?

> 	* You had stated that "igniterealtime.com provides an asterisk
> 	  plugin".  Err, *what*?  Asterisk is /definitely/ over-kill.

> > As time permits I would like to work on an experimental server that
> > includes this function, as well as web game broadcasts, elimination for
> > fork calls, instant replays, and improving web based clients with 3d.
> 	Have at it.  although it has been pointed out that your elimination
> 	of fork() calls is pointless.  Your assertion that fork() adds
> 	a large overhead in game entry has been proved false by both
> 	James and myself.  But knock yourself out.

Nothing was proved. Instead reasoning was used, which does not yield experimentally produced evidence. You have got to get in to the real world at some point in your existence.

> > * Openfire is an open source Jabber server developed by jive
> > Software. Information is posted on http://www.igniterealtime.org
> 	Java; when the rest of the server base is written in C,
> 	with a few small shell and perl scripts throw in; Jabber's
> 	footprint is ridiculously large, more so by the fact that it
> 	requires SQL support, either with it's embedded database
> 	or one of the support externals (mysql, oracle, ms-sql,
> 	postgres, etc).

Why would anyone besides yourself be concerned about this?

> 	Seriously, don't you think this over-kill for the basic
> 	functionality that is desired, namely in-game voice
> 	communications?

Seriously. No.

> 	My opinion?  Work on something that's actually beneficial
> 	to the community, like Mumble; or a training server; or
> 	whatever.

Next time you want to suggest "knock yourself out", please you go ahead. That would save me from responding to pointless dribble. Also if you think you're the only contributor, you've got your head up your ass further than anyone else could imagine.


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