BTW, if we do decide to accomodate putting experimental servers up
on the meta server in some way, I'd like to try out a server I have
with modest changes aimed at being more newbie-friendly.

I've never tested the changes due to fear of spreading the existing player
base too thin.  I'm not optimistic about the changes, but still I'd like to
test them sometime.

If there are others in the same boat--with primitive ideas that are not
fully baked but need testing and feedback--then maybe it's worth
having a conversation.

What do others think?  Would it be worth having an "experimental server
game" once a week or something?  How do others accomplish testing?


On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 02:18:09AM -0400, Andrew K. Bressen wrote:
> ". ." <msucka0xff at> writes:
> > New servers while typically rare *should* be able to list. Given
> > that clients point to a single metaserver by default, locking would
> > prohibit new development features from being show-cased in big
> > ways. What would be even better is if I could put a new server on
> > the metaserver list, and explain the new cool feature on
> > directly without needing extra steps, e.g. sending email to
> > web-news at
> None of this is especially relevant unless we grow the player base.
> But if you want things added to the webserver, you can just ask me.