oh geez that is a bummer

fyi i was quite proud of the netrek wiki we had.

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Bob Tanner" <tanner at real-time.com>
> To: netrek-dev at us.netrek.org
> Subject: Re: [netrek-dev] cannot create account on netrek wiki
> Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 20:43:43 -0500
> On 2008-09-13 19:37:04 -0500, James Cameron
> <quozl at us.netrek.org> said:
> > Ticket response is that to create an account you must e-mail Bob Tanner.
> We are discussing this in irc as well. Here are my comments.
> [It] looks like durning the time open registration of the wiki was
> active someone changed the registration page, login page, and attempted
> to destroy the evidence of the changes.
> I'm not confident of the user accounts on the wiki, my recommendation
> is backup the data, wipe the wiki, reinstall from scratch.
> <snip>
> but if we are going to start from ground zero, should look at other
> solutions/hosting services

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