On 2008-09-17 11:56:03 -0500, Bob Tanner 
<tanner at real-time.com> said:

> I'll be publishing a bzr branch from the official upstream code base
> sometime tonight.
> Once launchpad mirrors my bzr branch I'll put out a call for help to
> polish our launchpad entries.

The tailor conversion when alot quicker then I expected. My local 
branch is registered in launchpad and I'm wait for launchpad to mirror 
my branch, you can follow along here:


Here is the call for help. I'd like to change the branding of our 
launchpad entry.  We need 3 images, details below.

icon: A small image of exactly 14x14 pixels and at most 5kb in size, 
that can be used to identify this team. The icon will be displayed 
whenever the team name is listed - for example in listings of bugs or 
on a person's membership table.

logo: An image of exactly 64x64 pixels that will be displayed in the 
heading of all pages related to the team. Traditionally this is a logo, 
a small picture or a personal mascot. It should be no bigger than 50kb 
in size.

mugshot: A large image of exactly 192x192 pixels, that will be 
displayed on the team page in Launchpad. It should be no bigger than 
100kb in size.

Please send the images basic at us.netrek.org.

Bob Tanner <basic at us.netrek.org>          
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