On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 09:14:09PM -0500, Bob Tanner wrote:
> install:        robot
>         -mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(LIBDIR)/og
>         cp robot $(DESTDIR)$(LIBDIR)/og/robot
> 	if [ -d ${srcdir}/og -a `ls -a ${srcdir}/og | wc -l ` != 2 ]; then cp 
> ${srcdir}/og/* $(DESTDIR)$(LIBDIR)/og/; fi
> What is all of this stuff dealing with og and 'ls -a .. | wc -l'  stuff?

Buggered if I know.  Nothing in the repo.  I think this directory was
intended to be local robot customisation.  In the absence of anything
meaningful in the repo, I've pushed a patch to remove that line of the
install target.

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