ubuntu0.4 fixes the error return status from dpkg(1), thanks.

New minor problem ... an error during initial install, which does not
occur during reinstall, probably because /var/lib/netrek-server-vanilla
is not owned by games at the time netrekd is started.


# dpkg --purge netrek-server-vanilla
# rm -rf /var/lib/netrek-server-vanilla
# apt-get install netrek-server-vanilla
Setting up netrek-server-vanilla (2.13.0ubuntu0.4) ...
Starting /usr/games/netrekd...
/var/lib/netrek-server-vanilla/log: Permission denied
netrekd: port 2592, ntserv, listening fd 3, to do "ntserv"    
netrekd: port 2591, tools/players, listening fd 4, to do "players" m   
netrekd: port 3521, tools/players, listening fd 5, to do "players" u   
netrekd: port 2593, ntserv, listening fd 6, to do "ntservobs" -q 6  
netrekd: port 2596, special, listening fd 7, to do "statistics"    
netrekd: port 4566, ntserv, listening fd 8, to do "home" -q 2  
netrekd: port 4577, ntserv, listening fd 9, to do "away" -q 3  
netrekd: port 4000, ntserv, listening fd 10, to do "homeobs" -q 4  
netrekd: port 5000, ntserv, listening fd 11, to do "awayobs" -q 5  
netrekd: Vanilla Netrek Listener 2.14.0 started, pid 9246,
netrekd: logging to /var/lib/netrek-server-vanilla/log

At this point it says it is logging, but it isn't.  There is no "log"
file.  lsof of the netrekd shows it has bound fds 0, 1, and 2 to the pts
used by dpkg.

Why might you have missed this?  A removal of the package before
anything is created in /var/lib/netrek-server-vanilla results in the
/var/lib/netrek-server-vanilla directory being removed.  But if anything
is created inside this directory, the package removal does not remove
the directory.

# touch /var/lib/netrek-server-vanilla/test

server runs as root unecessarily
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Netrek
Server Team, which is a direct subscriber.

Status in Netrek Server: In Progress

Bug description:
The server runs as root, but it does not need to.

To run as non-root, the packaging should create a username to operate within, and chmod /var/lib/netrek-server-vanilla, and the init.d script should use the created username.  A username of netrek is suggested.