netrek-client-cow 3.2.8 was released, fixing a small bug with message
composition, removing Java and Windows support from the tar.gz, and
including the results of a copyright and licensing review.
e8abc39e8aeaefda6ebe56cda7fc6b24  netrek-client-cow-3.2.8.tar.gz

Summary of changes:

	- change of binary name, from netrek to netrek-client-cow.

	- COPYING: copyright and license review.

	- remove Java and Windows support.

	- remove debian/ directory from .tar.gz.

	- add mkportable script.

	- placing mouse in message composition window and typing did not
	behave in the historical fashion, the keystrokes were handled by
	the game as well as being added to the message being composed,
	reported by Zachary Uram.

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