> Instead of divorcing it from the code why not just #ifdef it away.

done that :-) and updated all documentation, produced release binairy,  
uploaded it to sourceforge, need a poor sob with a PPC to test that  
platform and we can release.

> Chris, I've fixed it, please try now.  The empty stream problem is
> gone, and I was able to play locally in PRET=1 mode.
> http://james.tooraweenah.com/darcs/netrek-server-osx-merge/ is the  
> darcs
> repository.

Wauw good work! i'll try to release 1.5 asap since people have been  
waiting indeed far too long, i hope today/tommorow since next week i  
will be in Turkey for work and will have little time.

I've told our CEO we could have an iphone app ready for demonstration  
at a conference 3 weeks from now and he loved the idea. I just fear i  
may have sticked out my neck a little too far :-) So in short 1.5  
without the server asap, then 1.5.1 with your server somewhere in 4  
weeks from now.

Thanks for all the hard and quick work, can anyone with a ppc mac test  
the 1.5 release on sourceforge?