On 2009-08-28 22:05:39 -0500, James Cameron 
<quozl at us.netrek.org> said:

> The trivial mistake he made was not to change the order of the
> arguments.  It's nothing.  It's a trivial mistake.  I'm sour at myself
> for not noticing it earlier, but the amount of code still being ported
> from bcopy to memcpy these days is very small.  memcpy has been around
> for over a decade in the standard.  I had no excuse.  Sorry.

Yeah for my failure!

I did do a project wide find-n-replace and did not even look to make 
sure the parameters were correct.

Good find.

And no, I did not dig much into the issue as  work things keep getting 
in the way of my "free time".

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