Cross-posting this to -dev since this is a possible development issue.

On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 12:35:24PM -0500, Zach Uram wrote:
> > Back to the "get some newbies to play the game."-thing, what do you
> > think about of newbie manuals (as short as possible) in different common
> > languages?

	We have a newbie manual already; start by translating that to
	German.  Get one language done and others might follow by
	providing translations for other languages.

	It can be hosted side-by-side with the current newbie manual.

	Another possibility - translate, or at least
	provide a link to google's translation machinery.

> Good idea. We can setup a section on the wiki and have people
> contribute translations. Having a multi-lingual client would also be
> cool.

	I brought this up last year on #netrek, and nothing ever
	became of it.  Manuel expressed interest in providing the
	German translations, but nothing ever progressed beyond
	that from a server viewpoint.  The client and server would
	both need to be translated as there are static message strings
	that are dumped out to the client from the server that need to
	be handled also.  According to various people on #netrek, from
	a server perspective it should really not be overly difficult
	to do the required conversion to support internationalization;
	I don't do client-side dev, so I don't know what would be
	required from that side.


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