SourceForge's enabling git would permit us to use tailor to maintain a
git mirror of the darcs repository ... but then we've had that already,
tailor also works on CVS and Subversion.

We have distribution repositories now, with a copy on, so I
don't see a need for holding additional copies on SourceForge.  We have
adequate backups across multiple continents.

Anything left on SourceForge that is currently used, such as the Netrek
XP client CVS repository, can certainly be pulled out with full history
into any of the modern tools ... but that's not at issue.

At issue is whether Bill as the primary developer wants to learn a new
tool, and while we can help him as much as possible, it is still up to
him, unless and until the contributions to the Netrek XP client by
others exceed the contributions by him.

Total change as a result of SourceForge's enabling of git ... zero.

Total change as a result of SourceForge enabling of darcs (which has not
happened, and is unlikely to in my opinion) ... also zero.

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