I invite everyone to join the new netrek discussion group netrek-forever:


The USENET group rec.games.netrek has been dead for a couple years now
(ie. very little if any legitimate traffic) and is now spam fodder.
And there is not another mailing list or web group in place for
general netrek discussion so I hope netrek-forever will fill that

BTW, this Google Group can be utilized as both a web group and a
mailing list. Thanks to the newsgroup<->mailing list gateway if you
send a message to the mailing list it will show up on our web group
and vice versa.

If you have any trouble joining, or wish to receive an invitation for
a different address, please send the correct one to me at
netrek at gmail.com

Also feel free to invite other former players (or interested newbies)
to netrek-forever!

Zach Uram (Yoda, hyperyoda)