On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 01:03:19PM +1100, James Cameron wrote:
> I take you up on that.  Please give us the IP address, or publish a
> patch to the zone file for us.netrek.org.  You can find that in the
> administrivia/dns directory of the server darcs repository.

	Patch pushed.

	new-wiki.us.netrek.org - CNAME'd to one of my vps hosts.

> If you have it already in one of your own domains, give us that name
> too.  We can then work toward wiki.netrek.org as the final name.

	It's currently set as "netrek-dev.gerdesas.com" with 2
	ServerAlias entries pointing to "new-wiki.us.netrek.org" and
	"wiki.netrek.org" to make that change more transparent with
	less human intervention required.

	Until the zone patch is picked up it's reachable as:


	After the patch is pickled up it will be reachable as that url
	and also:


> I suggest after placing in at least one DNS zone the next steps are;
> 1.  create accounts (done by the contributors),

	Accounts are set to require confirmation before any
	editing is permitted.  Anonymous users are not permitted to
	edit content; they must be logged in and confirmed.

	Project primaries will be given administrative access once
	they've created and confirmed their accounts and mailed me
	(or one of the other primaries) their wiki login.

> 2.  port content,
> 3.  advertise it, link to it, etc,
> 4.  monitor it with RSS and so forth.

	Have at it :)

	I think I need to enable image uploads, but other than that it
	should be good to go.  Hmm, now that I think about it, do we
	*need* image upload ability?  I will leave it disabled for now
	until it's determined we need it.  It can be trivially enabled
	if it's required and after ImageMagick is installed for
	thumbnail management.

	Speaking of images, I have the wiki logo set as a random 
	png I saw on netrek.org - it needs a better logo.  If someone
	wants to provide one that'd be great.  Send me the image file
	or a URL to get it from and I will add it.

	If anyone spots any problems with configuration or any other
	issues please let me know.

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