On Thu, 19 Mar 2009, James Cameron wrote:

> This is part of an ongoing effort, you can find some more detail in the
> development Wiki.

Where is that exactly?

I found http://wiki.us.netrek.org/ but that doesn't seem to be it because 
neither http://wiki.us.netrek.org/index.php/Main_Page#Server nor 
http://wiki.us.netrek.org/index.php/ClientIdeas (which is the only page 
that turns up when searching for "translate") contains any information on 

A google search for "netrek development wiki" leads to 
http://wiki.us.netrek.org/netrek-dev/ which is a 404.

http://wiki.netrek.org/ redirects to the first wiki 
(http://wiki.us.netrek.org/). A search for "development" on that wiki only 
turns up http://wiki.netrek.org/index.php/Development_Tools.

By the way, I like classic yellow netrek logo a lot better than the new 
one currently on http://wiki.us.netrek.org/ (sorry Zach).