I'm not a fan of the new logo either. I guess I just don't like the  
look of it overall; it's too busy, not all that aesthetically pleasing  
to me...and I think "re-branding" with a new logo is one of the lesser  
of our concerns right now.

I also have the same copyright concerns that have been brought up. The  
Star Trek communicator badge-style design isn't so bad in itself in  
that regard (we're already doing that), but the "trek" part of  
"netrek" being visibly highlighted on its own makes it an obvious rip  
off of Star Trek.

I like the good old yellow logo. It's simple, looks nice, and still  
SAYS Star Trek to the viewer without explicitly doing so. Since it was  
pointed out there's no larger version, surely someone could blow it up  
(or even better, turn it into an SVG.)