MacTrek 1.5.0 has been released, better late then never :-) it has the  
following fixes

- Documentation errors (1756477)
- Timeout on metaserver down (1765107)
- Problem launching server more than once (1780013)
- Additional hints (1780585)
- Broken builds on 10.5.1 (2153779)
- Torp explosion delay(2242646)
- Timed lift of outfit display (2242650)
- Cluttered galactic (2242653)
- Speech problem (2242677)
- Crash problem (2684245)
- Local server problems on Leopard (2846441)

The site on sourceforge has been updated, i am in the process of  
creating release branches and tags of the code. The "latest version  
indication file" has been updated, which means that if anyone launches  
an older client, he will be bugged with a message that a newer version  
is ready to download and he or she should upgrade.

I am also updating the website at www.apple.com so be prepared for a  
whole lot of newbies. (which usually don;t stick arround too long... :-(

The most important fix is the "freeze" when running (Snow)Leopard AND  
no one is playing on any server. (Tiger users get the embedded server)  
So at least the players stay in control of the app (good) but the  
embedded server is temporarily gone until i get around to building and  
including it again. 1.5 will also be the last branch to support power  
pc, i've decided to move to snow leopard which makes it even more  
difficult to test PPC apps then before. I have an old G4 Cube lying  
around for the 1.5 branch so bugs will still be done there, but main  
development will shift to intel.

So there is a new client out and it will draw new players, but how to  
see when it is time to pull out your laptop and play? well you could  
take out your phone and fire this app up <http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/who-plays-netrek/id334105941?mt=8 
 > it's just a basic app that polls the meta servers, but hey: it  
saves you the trouble of booting up :-)

I have some plans for mactrek 1.6 but moreover, the entire network  
layer has been ported over and tested on iPhone, i am seriously  
thinking about a MacTrek app for iPhone, which will crossover in  
MacTrek, though the touch interface is nice, it is limited,  
neverthelesss, i could image a MacTrek Scout Bomber app for iPhone  
since scouts need less controls i think.

Regards and i keep you posted, development may be slow, but it is  
still there..