Tested on PPC and Intel 10.5 should run under tiger too but not tested.
They could use 1.4 but tiger is an endangered species anyway :-)

I'll check your links

Thanks and regards

Chris Lukassen

On 17 nov 2009, at 08:40, akb+lists.netrek-dev at mirror.to (Andrew K.  
Bressen) wrote:

> Chris--
> Great to see a new release, and to hear about other progress!
> Can you give me a summary about which platforms 1.5.0 runs on?
> It's universal for ppc and intel, but will it still run under tiger,
> or do people need 1.4 for that?
>  --akb
> ps: website updated for both 1.5 and the who plays netrek iphone app,
> folks feel welcome to make sure I didn't botch any links...