>>> I've seen this issue when things are compiled on leopard (10.5)  
>>> and run
>>> on tiger (10.4).
>> Cool.  What's the fix?
> Build it for 10.4 Intel, meaning adding the 10.4 SDK to the Xcode
> project and recompile.

will do
> Apple needs to to allow VMWare to virtualize osx under Fusion so I can
> have still build older releases!
found an eh "backup" copy of tiger on the web for fusion, will try to  
install it and run it.
> Double checked. Cannot build 10.4 binaries under snow lepoard.

At some point we will need to let go of PPC and 10.4 but if we can  
keep it in for this release, it would increase the player base  

Will gear up my old cube and see if it runs the RC



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