On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 02:05:37PM +0200, Toumal Rakesh wrote:
> Okay I did some debugging, turns out queue 9 does not have the
> "QU_OPEN" flag set, and that even though there is a
> queues[QU_NEWBIE_PLR].q_flags = QU_OPEN|QU_RESTRICT;
> in queue.c line 158 o.O
> I'm kinda lost in the queue initialization code, but I'm pretty sure that
> whatever is supposed to open up and initialize the newbie player queue is not
> doing its job properly atm.



./robots/newbie.c:    queues[QU_NEWBIE_PLR].q_flags |= (QU_REPORT | QU_OPEN);

So it sounds like the newbie robot is not opening the queue.  Is
NEWBIE=1 in sysdef?  If not, make it so.  If you're enabling the newbie
queue in etc/ports, NEWBIE must be 1 in etc/sysdef.

James Cameron