On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 11:13:26AM -0500, cflrich wrote:
> Mumble is the client, apparently, and the corresponding server is
> called Murmur.  Presumably the netrek server would run an instance or
> two of Murmur, and clients would run an instance of Mumble that
> connects.

Yes.  We chose Mumble because of the licensing and the availability of
packages for netrek.org servers, which are Debian based.

> Now, the fun will be coding it so that you auto-join your team's voice 
> channel when you select your team.  How will this work?  Will the netrek 
> server notify the client which team it is on, and therefore, which 
> Murmur instance to sign on to, and Mumble will do that?  How can Mumble 
> be commanded in such a fashion?  How will we prevent the others from 
> connecting to the team channel?  How can we mute problem players?  
> Should observers be allowed to speak?

All good questions.  The answers differ according to whether we are
creating community policy, easing development, or other purposes.

Community policy ... voice contact should be optional, should only be
available to someone with a slot in the game, should default to be
private to the team, with the option of broadcast to all players, and
the option to block certain players from your ear.

I don't think there's any sense in trying to block the other team from
your team channel, as long as the only ones who may connect are those
who have slots in the team.  We already have the possibility of observer

Anyway, it's nice to hear someone take this further.  I'm available to
assist, off-list or on-list.

James Cameron