After some reading, this is the architecture I'm leaning towards.  The 
server will run a Murmur instance, with separate channels for the 
teams.  When the player selects a team, the server will automatically 
reconfigure the access list to allow that player to enter the team 
channel, via Ice.  This is all server side.  On the client side, when 
the player selects a team, the (netrek) client would launch Mumble via 
command line, causing it to auto connect to Murmur in the proper channel.

Once connected, team changes can probably be handled by the server, 
moving the player automatically. 

A few questions to be answered are these.

- Will we require folks to pre-register with the Murmur server?  I'd 
rather not, honestly.
- How will we allow access?  I'm thinking when a player joins a game, 
the server will update Murmur's user list with the players name and a 
generated password, that is passed to the (netrek) client, which the 
client then uses to generate the Mumble session.

Obviously we'll need a little client support once this gets hashed out 
all the way, if we want to implement this so that it is automatic  Are 
all of the current client projects open projects?