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> Ehhh, it is a standalone client, and it can run alongside the netrek.  
> Support doesn't necessarily have to be built into the client, but we may 
> want it to.  I'm not sure yet, still thinking it through.  I think it 
> would be nicer if it were built in, but, that may be more work than its 
> worth.  The important thing is that whatever is implemented is more 
> robust than just someone buying a vent server and handing out the info 
> to everyone.  This may be as simple as having the server detect which 
> players are connected to which teams, and modifying the ACL to let them 
> join the team voice.  I would like it that if the player selects 'voice 
> enabled' in his client, this happens automatically for him, ie, he 
> doesn't have to swap out, manually connect, etc etc.

	If we can distribute the mumble client we can package it up so
	that it auto-locates the existing netrek.exe and wraps it in a
	cmd wrapper so that when a user wishes to play netrek it will
	start both clients at the same time.  If the existing client
	can't be located the installer can prompt for it.

	Similar is possible for *nix and I'd imagine for OSX.

	I 'spose I will have to read up on the client and server to see
	if it's feasible, but if the mumble client can just connect to
	the murmur server and get tossed to the proper channel based on 
	the players team without having user intervention that would
	be nice.  I would think something like this should be possible.

> Yeah, probably, if you don't mind.  I'm not at the coding portion of 
> this exercise yet, still trying to reason out exactly how this is going 
> to function, which right now is reading up on mumble/murmur.

	Not a problem.  As discussed in the game I'll have it up for ya
	this weekend.  Will just need a DSA public key from you.


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