On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 09:37:00PM -0500, cflrich wrote:
> After some reading, this is the architecture I'm leaning towards.  The 
> server will run a Murmur instance, with separate channels for the 
> teams.  When the player selects a team, the server will automatically 
> reconfigure the access list to allow that player to enter the team 
> channel, via Ice.  This is all server side.  On the client side, when 
> the player selects a team, the (netrek) client would launch Mumble via 
> command line, causing it to auto connect to Murmur in the proper channel.

Sounds good.  Meets with my approval.

> Once connected, team changes can probably be handled by the server, 
> moving the player automatically. 

Heh, I'd forgotten about that.  ;-}

> A few questions to be answered are these.
> - Will we require folks to pre-register with the Murmur server?  I'd 
> rather not, honestly.

Agreed, rather not.  We have a registration system already; the player
database, and hooks in the code ready for more formal registration
methods if required.

> - How will we allow access?  I'm thinking when a player joins a game, 
> the server will update Murmur's user list with the players name and a 
> generated password, that is passed to the (netrek) client, which the 
> client then uses to generate the Mumble session.

Agreed.  Call it a key or a passphrase if necessary.  But it has to be
within the existing server to client message stream.

Remember; can't use IP address for anything useful, in an access control
scenario; there are situations where more than one user is visible from
one IP, as far as the server is concerned.

> Obviously we'll need a little client support once this gets hashed out 
> all the way, if we want to implement this so that it is automatic  Are 
> all of the current client projects open projects?

Yes, all of the current client projects are open.  I'm in charge of
netrek-client-cow (which is packaged on Ubuntu and Debian), and the
netrek-client-pygame source.  Bill is in charge of the Windows client.

No other clients are actively developed ... active development would be
required for adding voice.

James Cameron